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(H) Age Groups

Players attending EHA’s development program as well as the Aspirants claiming attendance in the program are always divided into Age groups. As many other elements within EHA’s development program, the Age groups are as much as possible adopted from USA Hockey and adjusted to European conditions.

Each Age group includes players born within two years of birth. Years of birth for each Age group are valid for one season and updated annually, always on August 1st. In European Hockey Academy lasts ice hockey season always from August 1st til July 31st.


Overview of European Hockey Academy’s Age Groups for season 2018/2019:
(from August 1st. to July 31st.)

EHA-X (Squirt)
Boys y.o.b. 2009 and 2008
Girls also y.o.b. 2007

EHA-XII (Peewee)
Boys y.o.b. 2007 and 2006
Girls y.o.b. 2006 and 2005

EHA-XIV (Bantam)
Boys y.o.b. 2005 and 2004
Girls y.o.b. 2004 and 2003.