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Privacy policy

Personal information that you provide
Each member of European Hockey Academy Association (further on called ‘EHA’ or ‘Association’) provides personal information when applying for (and during) the membership in Association. If the member is minor, than it is his/her legal guardian, that provides personal information about member together with some of his/her own personal information as well. These information are provided through forms, even in paper form or digitally.

Personal information about members, that they or their legal guardians provide are:

* First and Last name
* Date of birth
– Unique identifier, such as Social security number (differentiated by member’s home country)
– Address
– Phone number(s) (by minor members only optionally)
– Email address(es) (by minor members only optionally)

Personal information about legal guardians of minor members, that they provide are:

– First and Last name
– Date of birth
– Relation to represented minor member
– Phone number(s)
– Email address(es)

Personal information marked by (*) are published and available in Association’s public registers. All other information listed above are stored in Association’s internal registers for internal purposes only and are not shared with any third parties or published in any way.

Photographic, audio or video recordings
European Hockey Academy Association (further on called ‘EHA’ or ‘Association’) makes and collects, on its own or by contracted partners, photographic, audio and/or video recordings of its minor and adult members and likeness and sound of their voice during (but not only) activities arranged by EHA.

Photographic, audio and/or video recordings of members (minor as well as adult) as well as of their legal representatives or other accompaniment attending activities arranged by EHA may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed without members’ or their legal representatives’ inspection or approval of the final products, wherein their likeness appears, for unlimited period of time. Members’ or their legal representatives have no right to royalties or other compensations related to collected recordings or final products.

Exhibited, published or otherwise distributed final products respect all common applicable laws, such as (but not only) laws restricting harassment (f.ex. pornography), rights to intellectual property of third parties etc.


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What are cookies?
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How do we use cookies?
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How to control cookies
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