EHA players at Flemingsberg IK

EHA players completed club Tryouts

Four EHA players completed club Tryouts at ‘Flemingsberg IK’ in southern Stockholm during week 44 of 2018. We followed these boys from arrival to the hotel, until the result of their Tryouts has been announced.

We arrived to Stockholm together with three of the players from Denmark born in 2006 – Alexander, Andreas and Rasmus – Sunday afternoon. First thing to do was to pick up the fourth player in the group, Filip (born 2005), who’s flight from Slovenia landed at Stockholm-Arlanda airport shortly after our arrival.

Next morning we moved all together to home rink of Flemingsberg IK, just about 500 meters away from our hotel. As the Tryouts took place during local school holiday, locker room was quickly quite occupied. Boys have joined curious home players and touched the ice in this nice homy arena for the first time. What followed was five days long, really high quality, intensive and effective practices across the age groups, supervised by competent coaches.

The moment of truth

Representatives of Flemingsberg IK decided to announce the results of Tryouts during Thursday of week 44. Kids left the ice after Thursday’s morning practice, took off their gear and joined some of their parents, waiting ready to hear the truth, which can more or less shape their future as well as future of their families.

And it was clear happiness in kids’ eyes, when they got to know, that they all completed Tryouts successfully and are welcome, if they choose to, call this fantastic place and people around it for their core home club.

EHA wants to congratulate all four kids and we want to wish them many more beautiful ice hockey moments in future, no matter if they decide to move to Flemingsberg IK or not. We also hope, that EHA’s development program contributed, at least a little bit, to their success during this Tryouts, because these small success stories are giving us the purpose and motivation to continue our work and effort.


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