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(H) Our Goal

The goal is to create an international platform as a supplement for continuous development of talented ice hockey players and other, 9 to 15 years old players, who are interested about to develop their ice hockey skills beyond capacity of their respective home-clubs.

The idea is to work with ice hockey youth properly by creating natural pressure and competitive environment among the players so that they grow as players and develop desire and lust to hone their skills. To prepare the players for further challenges on highest competitive level when they reach the age of 15 – it is our main ambition.

Our development program is designed to achieve our goal and details about it are available on pages in this section. You can find, among other things, information about program scope, entry conditions, costs etc. However, if you can not find the information you look for, please do not hesitate and contact us.

European Hockey Academy (EHA) is not a club itself, but reaches out to all ice hockey clubs within participating countries as well as national ice hockey organizations for collaboration to achieve its goals.

Framework for our development program’s goal

Our development program’s framework is based on following main principles:

  • Education and ice hockey

Ice hockey and Education

Even EHA’s development program targets young ice hockey players with great potential and ambitions as well as desire and ability to achieve success in their possible future career as professional ice hockey players, their common education is far more important than that. We in EHA are aware of, that these players are first of all children, young individuals with unconditional need for overall development and education.


  • Integration within IIHF

EHA and IIHF Integration

Each ice hockey player makes his/her first pushes on the ice in their youth ice hockey clubs. And it’s happening a long time before they reach the level, which qualify them for EHA’s development program. We in EHA know and appreciate that, and will continue the effort to cooperate tighter with core youth ice hockey clubs. Hand in hand with this intention goes the profiling of level and form of integration within IIHF structures.


  • Soft values spreading

EHA at Niagara Falls

It is a natural equation, that young ice hockey players, that qualify for EHA’s development program, offers also significant count of hours and hereby significant share of their youth to get there. We in EHA know and appreciate that. That is why it’s our ambition to offer participants of EHA’s development program possibility not only to grow as ice hockey players – but to know and see the world, gain new friends (may be for life) and experiences, which they would not get otherwise.
So that they – in many years from now – may walk their own children to first ice hockey practice somewhere in the world as pro ice hockey players, or engineers, or teachers, or… knowing, that all the sweat and hard work was worth it – no matter what.