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(H) Girls in EHA

Association to girls is probably not one of the first associations, that pops up, when people talk about ice hockey. However – the girls and women are playing ice hockey and are the solid part of the sport on different levels and ages.

European Hockey Academy is not an exception and girls – both players and goalies – are welcome in EHA’s development program.

Girls in EHA

Conditions for girls in European Hockey Academy are the same as for boys, except few minor adjustments. Each eventual adjustment or exception, if applicable, is described within EHA’s development program guidelines. Let us describe some of them below.


Exceptions for girls in EHA’s development program – examples

Age Groups and Skill Categories & Ratings:
Years of birth assigned the Age group by girls are different from boys. Generally, max. 1 year older girls than oldest boys are allowed within same Age group.


Games and tournaments:
From EHA’s point of view, girls are allowed to play for the team in the Age group, that they belong to. However – this only applies, if regulations and rules of particular tournament or game as well as its organizer allows it, or allows girls to play at all. As European Hockey Academy attends tournaments regardless mentioned limitations, the situation, where girls are not allowed to particular event may occur.