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(H) Int. Spring Hockey Academy A+ (Beta)

Please note: This product is in its Beta version and is continuously developed.

This event is a part of development program targeting players rated ‘A’ or higher respectively. This event combines common education and high level ice hockey development.

Please note, that each player is first finally approved for this program after completing first attended Course.

In general, this event is divided into approx. one week long courses during the season / school year. Attendees are following EHA’s development program and simultaneously professionally prepared curriculum during the course. Each course is attended by up to 10 students, where the focus is on development of each attendee individually as well as a part of the team.

Set of parameters are continuously tested by each attending player by observation and/or by measured tests.


Fast facts on International Spring Hockey Academy A+:
Duration: 1 season, approx. 10 courses, á 5 days.
Allowed Skill categories: Aspirant (in especially described cases), A and/or AA and/or AAA.
Allowed age groups: EHA-XII (PeeWee), EHA-XIV (Bantam)
Highest achievable rating: AA.

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